Our Values Guide Our Business

Our Corporate Values reinforce our commitment to traditional Dr.Perox strengths and underscore the qualities that define us as a leading global independent medical hygiene  company. At Dr.Perox, six core values guide our actions as individuals at work and as a corporation: Integrity, People, Performance, Value Creation, Social Responsibility and Independent Spirit. 

For a cleaner environment

The commitment to a clean environment is a top priority for DR.PEROX. We protect the beautiful environment that we will pass down to our descendants by using products that are not problematic to the environment.

A Developing Person

Learning is not only possible in school. Working in a company is an extension of learning. Helping employees grow as a human being is one of DR.PEROX's top priorities.

Performance: Pride in the product

We feel infinite value in producing good products and being able to use them with satisfaction. We are operating a monitoring system that does not miss out on the feedback of end customers from the selection, manufacture, and distribution of raw materials.

Produce value through continuous product development

A company that does not develop is a company that does not develop. DR.PEROX creates value that both customers and businesses can satisfy by developing better products without being complacent.

Social Responsibility: Being a Trusted Partner  

Being a trusted business partner is a very important value in a rapidly changing global business community. DR.PEROX is working closely with global business partners to solve many of the distribution challenges wisely. We consider these processes of creating a series of trusted relationships, such as collaboration with partners and education, to be social responsibility.

Integrity: Always Do The Right Thing

It is our principle to cooperate and communicate freely regardless of disability, non-disability, race, age, or nationality. We believe that true value is produced when a variety of talented people collaborate together, and I believe this is true globalization.